DPF Failure Symptoms:
  • Warning Lights On Dashboard
  • Vehicle In Limp Home Mode
  • Premature Turbo & Engine Failure
  • Excessive Fuel Consumption
  • A Loss Of Power In Your Engine
  • A Strong Smell Of Diesel While Driving
  • An Increase In The Oil Level
  • An Excessive Amount Of Exhaust Smoke

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Liphook Auto Services DPF Cleaning Services
Get you DPF Cleaned for only £180 + VAT

Liphook Auto Services, in Lindford, now offers it's DPF Cleaning Service to all. We are determined to take the lead in the problem of blocked diesel particulate filters to counter the illegal activity of their removal, which harms the environment as well as our health. Our service centre has quickly earned a reputation for being Hampshire’s leading specialist in cleaning blocked DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters). We use specialist patented products to solve carbon related diesel particulate filter problems while the DPF is still fitted to the vehicle. As well as the ability to remove of ash and oil caused by turbo failure.

We achieve this is through the use of specialist equipment that’s only available to the motor trade. Our investment in this DPF Cleaning Equipment at our workshop in Lindford, allows us to offer customers a viable solution for all types of blocked diesel particular filters.

Liphook Auto Services DPF Cleaning Services Cut Away DPF
Cutaway image of a new Diesel Particulate Filter
Before Cleaning
Liphook Auto Services - Blocked DPF
After Cleaning
Liphook Auto Services - Cleaned DPF

Since 2009 diesel particular filters have been compulsory in all new diesel cars and their presence on your vehicle is now part of the MOT Test. According to the BBC 1000's of cars have so far been found without them. Removing a DPF from your vehicle is now illegal and could invalidate your insurance, as a car without a DPF filter now contravenes the Construction & Use Regulations.

Diesel particulate filters work by trapping and storing harmful diesel particulate matter or soot from the combustion process. They then burn these particles off during the regeneration cycle. For this cycle to complete successfully the vehicle is required to run for a prolonged period of time at a set engine RPM. Regeneration problems are one of the main reasons our customers come to us with blocked DPF’s. Other common reasons for DPF failure include mechanical faults or driving style.

Liphook Auto Services DPF Cleaning Services - Cutaway Blocked DPF
Cutaway image of a blocked DPF.

How frequently should you clean a DPF filter?

This ultimately depends on your driving style, and whether, or not, there are mechanical issues with your engine and it’s control circuits. If we assume everything is working as it should, and you do some extended motorway driving every month. Then to keep your DPF working at it’s most efficient and reduce the risk of harmful materials getting into your engine, we recommend cleaning you DPF every 9-12 months. If you don't often drive on motorways, and do a lot of around town driving, you should consider getting your vehicle's Diesel Particulate Filter cleaned more often.

We provide a hassle-free quick DPF cleaning service that removes any harmful residue and keeps the DPF safe. We don’t even need to remove the DPF to clean it. The DPF cleaning service is fast, cheap, and can be used on any car model.

Are There Risks of driving around with a blocked DPF filter?

YES! Some costly, ignoring a long-term build-up of soot and dirt clogging your car’s diesel particulate filter can result in internal damage that can’t be cleaned out, thus leading to it needing to be replaced, which can be costly. Many DPF filters cost over £1000, whilst others are closer to £3000!

If your car’s DPF filter is clogged up and isn’t functioning efficiently, this will lead to an increase in combustion pressure. Because the exhaust gasses can’t escape normally. Then the soot particles find their way in to your car’s engine, and the oil within. As soot/carbon is abrasive this can lead to an increased rate of wear and tear and long-term damage to your car’s engine.

A blocked DPF, or one that won’t regenerate properly can also lead to diesel fuel being deposited into the engine’s oil, thus diluting it’s lubricity, which in turn also causes long term damage to your engine.

5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Have Your Vehicle’s DPF Cleaned

  • Better Fuel Economy and Engine Performance

    A blocked DPF will put put greater pressure on the engine, reducing its efficiency, power and fuel efficiency. A clean DPF allows the engine to breath as it was designed to and perform as it should.

  • City Traffic/Driving Equals a Dirty

    If you drive in the city and, or, do a lot of short journeys or stop/start driving, your DPF will never get the opportunity to regenerate and clean itself out.

    The diesel particulate filter regenerates (clearing of the particulates and emissions) by burning the particulates at very high temperatures that are achieved over longer routes. This can’t be achieved if you always drive slowly, or in the city.

  • Remove The Clogging Before It Gets Worse

    Allowing a DPF to become full makes it difficult regenerate fully, and the result of that is the soot within the DPF becomes compacted. Compacted carbon and ash in your DPF shortens the expected life of the DPF.

  • Avoid Replacement Expenses

    Diesel Particulate filters are costly, often up to £3000. The best way to avoid those expenses is to have your DPF cleaned regularly. Cleaning your DPF regularly will, in most cases, still work out cheaper than having to replace a DPF filter.

  • Better Resale Value

    It’s no secret that a well-maintained vehicle will fetch you a better price at trade in time.

Contact us for help with your DPF filter

If you are still unsure about the condition of your DPF filter, call us on 01420 487346. Or contact us via our contact page. Our friendly technicians are on hand to help advise you on the best course of action and are here to make sure your car keeps running in tip top condition.