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Forte's Power Clean Machine

At last, Liphook Auto Services & Forte bring you 'POWER CLEAN'
Cost effective DPF cleaning and contamination removal from the Engine Contamination Specialists in Lindford, Hampshire.


Allows direct cleaning of the fuel injectors, intake valves (indirect injection) and the combustion chamber with a highly concentrated cleaning solution without the need to remove injectors or dismantle the engine.


A special tool injects the strong cleaner directly into the air-intake to remove contamination from the inlet manifold and inlet valves without dismantling the engine (also highly effective on EGR Valves depending on location).

Liphook Auto Services in Lindford, DPF Cleaning Experts


A highly effective treatment to clean turbine and variable geometry vanes of diesel turbochargers without dismantling. The treatment is injected directly into the combustion chamber to gain the most effective results.


Our DPF Cleaning process cleans and flushes out soot, ash and other contamination from blocked DPFs. This restores their original operation without the need to remove the DPF from the vehicle.

Liphook Auto Services Contamination Removal Services

At Liphook Auto Services in Lindford we always go the extra mile to bring the latest technologies to our customers. Forte's Power Clean machine is no exception!

If your vehicle has running problems caused by blocked fuel injectors, carbon deposits in the inlet manifold, or a variable vane turbo charger not functioning properly. We now have a cost effective solution to get you back on the road.

The Forte 'Power Clean Machine' is also exceptional at removing the carbon and ash deposits that are blocking up the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) on your diesel vehicle. The DPF cleaning process is a quick and cost effective way to keep your engine running properly, and reliably. All cleaning processes can be achieved with minimum disruption to your vehicle's components. The DPF Cleaning process can even be be completed without removing the DPF from the vehicle, thus minimizing expense.

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